An Introduction…

Remote Goat

We are Remote Goat and welcome to our brand new, bleat-filled blog! We know you want to know more about us, you can’t kid yourself any longer. You need to know about us. NO! You WANT to know about us – where we’ve been, how we got there and why we ended up where we are today. It’s a gripping, heart-warming story so get a cuppa and join in.

Ever since the inception of Remote Goat we have stayed tapped into the entrepreneurial and start-up communities. To be honest with you, that’s how we came to be who we are. Remote Goat started out with an in-house entrepreneur competition at Lebara, where Emeline was a senior designer. Her expertise stemmed from retail communication and customer journeys so it makes sense that she can steer a start-up company in the right direction with its target audience in mind. After winning the funding rounds at Lebara, Float Your Goat was born and subsequently, Remote Goat was too a little further down the line.

The original stance of the company was to champion bringing company and designer together through an online, creative recruitment process. The idea, as you may know already, came from a sudden brain-wave sparked by a lonesome goat strolling past a Hertfordshire countryside window. Of course this is where the name Remote Goat comes from. Emeline just so happened to be thinking of a revolutionary way to better the relationship for designers to work remotely, literally wherever they are in the world when a goat walked by. That’s as  good a sign as any!

From there the company’s incremental growth plainly on word of mouth attracting the decision makers and seniority within companies. In the process of working with the digital designers in and around London, we spent a huge amount of time observing the start-up world emerge and evolve as it continues to do today.

This is the reason why we know what we know. We work in the start-up and entrepreneurial communities because we have lived and breathed the whole experience. Hence why we are experts. We are the goat-to agency for budding entrepreneurs and start-ups who are looking for that ever important, precise branding expertise. We are right here, come on in!

To this day Remote Goats experience and knowledge is growing as the days tick by. After being it, working it and being a part of it we can safely say that we know more about the whole start-up and entrepreneurial sector than ever before. Our deep-seated knowledge and skills are always reaching new depths as our client base grows, the more our assurance is firmly backed by our portfolio.

We are here to be a brand acceleration agency and what we do is mould the future generation of evolutionary brands.

Not too long ago we decided to put our money where our mouth is and run a seed-branding programme. Three companies, 12 months, and a tonne of good business karma, this is by far the best way to demonstrate we know what we are talking about to prove that point.

Would you please take a moment to complete our readers survey? It is for the benefit of our readers and their interest in the topics of our blog content and so we can get to know you a hell of a lot more! It is only 5 questions and will take approx 2 mins of your time –  Take the Remote Goat Readers Survey Now!


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