The Remote Goat Seed-Branding Programme

Remote Goat You don’t need to worry if you haven’t heard about our seed-branding programme just yet. All will be explained.

Back in April it was decided to put something back into the start-up community, as we previously started there ourselves we have a lot to offer. There was a pool of contestants through the application process. Ideas were pitched and business propositions were gone through with a fine tooth comb.

Three companies were eventually handpicked and here they are for you to admire and follow through their journey. Each of these companies has real synergy with Remote Goat and we commend them for their progress and the work they are doing.

Sideways6   |     Sliide    |    eRipple

eRipple is the next progression in investment and mentor connections. Its involved the entrepreneurial world, which we absolutely live in.

Sliide is a company going against the grain. These guys have taken it upon themselves to be the next big thing in terms of mobile advertising.

Sideways6 is the innovation tool for any and all businesses.It was something Emeline related to from the offset and now we are big part of the company.

All three of them have been through the pre-start-up stages and are currently gunning for investment. Their mentors and peers are heavily involved and engaged, making their businesses the best they can be. Seed branding is something of an incremental fad in the business world at the moment.


Every year you see giants such as Lloyds TSB, Disney, BT, among a herd of other businesses trying to show their interest in what could inevitably take their place in years to come. They seem to be grooming the markets to find the next best thing to keep them alive or to show they are evolving through the arena of investment.

In our opinion this is a bit of a lost cause and that events should take a natural evolution when pivoting through change. Who knows, but it’s their efforts and funding that is the catalyst for successful start-up companies in today’s world. Help is everywhere – even clothes stores are providing the world with the ‘start-up’ look. Guaranteed to give you the success with your fashion-savvy investors, right?

We feel that the journey we take involves some important steps and how we go about interacting with our clients is something of a feat. In a pre-investment stage, we know that businesses are faced with the overwhelming procedure of investment pitches and meetings to secure their spot in the right market at the right time. We provide expert branding, design work with web development, and identity progression with pitch and sales deck design all tied up in neat package.

Our Seed-branding winners have been kitted out with what they need to progress through the business stages. Of course, none of them will forget us when they are top dogs leaving us goats in the fields. That’d just be rude!

At the end of the day, we are able to help and promote start-up businesses make their ideas become realities. It’s all about good business karma.

For a little more information, watch our seed branding video and stay tuned for our quarterly video updates with the guys and any unravelling news that will certainly be happening soon.

Please take a moment to complete our very helpful questionnaire –  GrowTheGoats


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