Pretotyping: Concept and Value

Products and service validation is something of a task in itself. Aside from launching a brand new product or a bigger, better variation on an already existing process, the inner workings and usability is something of a mind boggler and needs due care and attention.
The way the process has worked for others is to establish a basic validation experiment. They’ve thrown the concept of their product out to the public, gauged their reaction and how it is perceived through its necessary means testing. This system has been around for a while now; in fact it’s remarkable how it is only recently becoming more of a fad in businesses.

Known as an important start point – find your audience. Target those who will benefit your product. Do your research and act accordingly to those results, adapting and trialling changes to push the best product possible. From there you can build a strategy on how best to get your best critics opinion.

What would you use for such a task I hear you say?

Well, we’ve found an application that will make life a lot easier for you in web and app build. It’s something that has proven very effective with other companies, and it will help you means test the user flow with the overall look and feel of what you might one day roll out. The program is called Axure and it is free to use on a trial basis. This gives you enough time to get to know how the app works and try it out for yourself. Give it a go!

The value of this process can be, in a nutshell, invaluable. To sense check your product, validate your theories and ideations and to analyse the target market are all invaluable tasks that should be done in the quickest but most effective way possible. You don’t want to be sitting on developing an idea while the funds in your bank wash away quicker than water over a long drop and sudden stop. You will also help to solve the issue of market failure through innovative means testing and thus end what is known as an inventor’s nightmare while keeping your bank reasonably healthy. We can’t promise anything though!

Working with start-ups, we generally find that most have sunk a lot of time and effort into just making their app work. In order to avoid this, designing and conceptualising that product can work wonders.

Entrepreneurs have the time to work on their product but this time is also needed to source out funding to take the project further. When they spend most of their time and money developing a product that could be a liability in an investment stage (and trust us when we say we have heard it first hand), it is incredibly counter intuitive. Inception, design, investment, development is the road to getting your business up and running seems to be the smoothest and most effective way.


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