Generation Z

Remote GoatDid you know about the existence of Generation Z? Barely able to call themselves ‘nineties kids’ and they are taking entrepreneurial communities by storm. They fall nothing short of smart-alecks and are being described as the most diverse generation ever. What with the tech that’s about, we aren’t surprised!

The 23million+ population of Generation Z have been noted to be making more money now then most will in a lifetime. Selling apps to Yahoo! for $30m at the age of 17, being awarded film contracts by Dreamworks at 15 and pre-teen celeb models, unemployment rates might be down but that doesn’t mean young teens are amongst the sufferers.


Apparently, these Gen Z’ers have mechanical workings of geniuses that have acquired affluent knowledge of the digital spectrum they have been bought up in all too easily, if you ask me.

Is the reasoning behind this the work of the recession, or would it be the diverse array of applications and educational platforms that allow them to conquer the cyber languages with great ease? I’d assume the latter.

The generation has seemingly taken full advantage of everyone else’s shortcomings, grasping the opportunity to adopt digital advances as part of their DNA. Will they end up on top because of it? Yeah, most likely!

More and more organisations are releasing the next best gen tech for kids to learn how to code. Google hold such events where they teach the basics of HTML. Hardware companies such as Raspberry Pi have produced miniaturised computers designed to teach coding in its simplest form.

It’s all so over whelming that it’s tough to keep up. But hey, if our children make a fast buck out of it and are able to look after us later in life, who are we to complain?



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