Flat Design Concepts

Your engagement with the likes of Youtube, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter and any other mass popular platform you can think of, is astounding. Quite literally, the stats are through the roof and far from being able to have a stab in the dark at. I won’t try though.

While to you are busy being keyboard warriors, video fabricators or selfie snappers, you adapt and become accustomed to the design in front of you. Sure, you have been reconditioned like the rest of us in terms of design and branding but not everyone sits around staring at YouTube’s interface thinking about how to better it. Actually, there are many people out there who do just that.  These guys are the creative force behind the next gen of branding capabilities and how our lives will progress to be made to feel different with further reconditioning.

Now, Snapchats interface is dead simple to use. You swipe from left to right, going from screen to screen to do a certain number of tasks. Whether it be adding a mate or taking a ‘selfie’ with your todger hanging low and swaying to and fro. Others take a different approach and try to ‘better’ that platform and that is exactly what has been done here.

1 (1)


If you take a deeper dive into the redesign that this artist has gone to the trouble of creating, he actually demonstrates a cleaner and easier design concept. Most users would probably look at it and say “but it looks just the same”, and yes maybe in your own little world it is. However, a design geek just went and shut themselves in their room, excused from dinner and never to be seen for the rest of the evening. FACT!

Sometimes these designs are very well thought out, with end to end development to make it the best possible product it can ever be. Some will look aesthetically pleasing and due to Apple’s lovely design past we can no longer settle for second best, but there are some that will remain at their current design point which is for their sake and for their users, the best thing.

Take YouTube for example. Their platform design is SUPER easy to use, easy to navigate and does everything it says on the tin. It may be looking a bit dated now but it still does everything you want it to. We came across this concept re-design and have to say that while some of it is really slick, bold and totalling in keeping with Google’s identity, the windows 8 thing has already been done.

1 (2)

Now, on the face of it, it’s pukka! The brackets are to represent camera frames which of course is very fitting with the YouTube model. Spot on. The further you dive into it, the more you start to see the resemblance. The mock up does seem to work really rather well for the YouTube interface and the designer has gone to great lengths in order to show off its capabilities.

The videos page looks incredible, if we may say so. The pop up video, the stats on the side and the way you hover over the image to get the preview all work really well and look super, super sleek. The movement of the whole interface happens very seamlessly also which in our books is a great feature to have. Having the auto slide function definitely adds a new dimension to the platform.

The final point to make is tackling the laborious task of uploading to YouTube. Personally, I haven’t done it recently so I could have my facts wrong but, having to stay on the page while it uploads is tedious. In the time it takes to upload (depending on your internet speed) a user could have watched anywhere between 1 and 10 videos, digging further and further down the YouTube rabbit hole and discovering a whole new layer of content. This new design allows an effortless background task manager that runs while you carry on doing what you love best – and we all know a skateboarding dog is still way up there.

All in all platform re-design can be a tricky task to pull off. There will always be haters and there will be lovers. The extreme lovers will decide to boycott the platform all together after their apparent ‘sell out’. Just sit back, watch them moan on a related platform for months on end before they finally come around…’I used to hate it but, it’s really growing on me’. QUIT YOUR NONSENSE AND GET IN LINE.


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