Seth Godin Internship Opportunity

Remote GoatSeth Godin, what. a. guy!

The new internship recently posted by the wonderful Seth Godin has us amazed at what an excellent opportunity it is for anyone who applies! Situated north of New York City, New York how can anyone come up with an excuse to not send in an application and marvel at Mr.Godins being for 6 months. You would be crazy!!

He says this is no donut-getting, sitting around being a stereotypical intern position (and we’d hope it wasn’t as much as the next person) we imagine that if you applied and were to be accepted, you would be let in to a world of pure marketing genius and empowerment. This is definitely no role for the faint hearted or for anyone who wouldn’t go at this running, horns at the ready and several notepads to hand.

Author, Entrepreneur and mass marketer, Godin has his fair share of business expertise. Founder and creator of Yoyodyne and Squidoo, Godin has had his share of attention but continues to get more as the marketing mastermind churns out ideas as if plucked from the sky.

Needless to say, if you apply for this role and get offered the place, you would not be disappointed and far from stuck in the mud in terms of a career. Exceptional individuals, entrepreneurs – we highly encourage you to go for this. After all, what’s the worst that can happen?



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