Generation ‘Share’

Remote GoatNot too long ago you’ll remember we published a blog about Generation ‘Z’ and how they are mad tech-entrepreneurs and probably the smartest generation of recent. Well now a new generation fad has started. Dubbed as Generation ‘Share’, they are the folks that seek the cheaper and free alternatives to fun and games. We all like a free event, drink, burger or even a generic food sampler from an idle sainsburys employee on the weekly shop, but the population of Generation Share are the real kings and queens of free goods.

The sharing generation have taken to the digital world like a fish to water. It helps to source such cheap, fun things to do, especially in London via apps such as Yplan. The app lists amazing and exciting events throughout London and other cities. Redefining the traditional methods of owning things, there is reason to believe that the whole shareconomy is worth a wopping £22.4bn!!

The title has been coined by the use of social medias and the increase in mobile technology and advertising. There’s no speculation as to how the name came about and there is definitely no doubt as to the results its creating for other economies. Alluding to the free economy and the general national/international economy, it could be said that Generation Share have helped avoid sticky finance situations. It’s a mission to make more funds available for activities that cost more than, well nothing, thus helping economies and local communities thrive, thus making the world a happier place. If only by a little.

So you see, these guys are the ones to pay attention to. They will help you save money for those all important bills that are always looming round the corner, whilst you go out and explore new things on a daily basis without breaking the bank. What more could you want?


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