A world of Podcasts

Remote GoatPodcasting is slowly becoming a huge market branching off from the likes of blogging and social media. Effectively, it is the same as blogging except instead of reading some words and looking at some pretty pictures, you actually hear the tone of voice behind the ideas and innovations. With a podcast you can infact truly determine the depth of the conversation and analyse the angles of communication through an individuals mind set. Reading is a huge global culture. It occurs every day from the sight of morning headline news to the vast pages in a legal document and the lunch menu at a team end-of-month munch-fest. You cannot escape it, even as you stare at the pixels on your laptop screen, text is everywhere.

Blogging is very much a big thing in the business world at the moment. It gives you the scope to put fingers to keys and hash out your internal thoughts, processes and levels of opinion. This is great and all but there is no real conversation, right? Some users find it difficult to find a voice for the internet when in fact they have a voice that they carry around with them everywhere. It almost makes it obsolete to write streams and streams of copy when talking about it with someone is actually the best form of getting your opinion heard and count for something. This is where the podcast comes in to play.
If you were looking to get some meaningful information on, branding let’s say. You may conduct several searches a day only to be overwhelmed with hundreds of thousands of results, the majority of which aren’t related to what you are trying to find.

A recent top-notch find was the ‘Branding Cow’ podcasts. The fairly new series of podcast injections takes a stance on brand analysis of unexpecting companies. They take a look at all aspects of the business and push their opinion out to the audience.

A feature of the podcast being a pre-recorded piece of content being fundamentally audio and no visual does mean you have to do your own search for what they are talking about. For example the first infrastructure they “dissect” is the Tim Ferriss podcast series. Being a very new series also means that Mr Ferriss may not have gotten around to optimising the bits and pieces they were speaking about but, thats kinda irrelevant right now.
What this did was actually invoke the action of going away and listening to one of the podcasts to get a feel of what they were talking about. Now this can be seen as a downside or a very strong promotional piece of communicating. The reason why it could be a downside is that if you are listening offline and deep underground in London, you can’t simply open up your browser and follow the narration of the analysis. This can understandably turn you off from going any further but it is definitely recommended to carry on. On the other hand, it makes you want to go and view what they are talking about. Therefore, this platform can be seen as extremely powerful in pulling traffic to the point of interest. Are you still following?

The underlying point is this…there isn’t one, frankly.
Any number of platforms can use this method of preaching what they believe in, it just so happens that with the increase of podcasts (especially now it is strongly displayed on the face of the latest iOS update) this may become the next biggest thing for pushing out marketing material. Or any material for that matter.


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