The worlds youngest capital funded entrepreneur?

Remote GoatA new article emerging on the Entrepreneur website has stated that a 13-year-old has gained investment from the tech giant, Intel in recent months. It’s unknown whether or not the young entrepreneur, Shubham Banerjee, is in fact the youngest to ever gain capital investment, but it’s very likely that he is. In fact if you ran a search for “Youngest funded entrepreneur”, Master Banerjee’s name is the most popular search result so by Google’s standards, he in fact is the youngest.

The innovative product that secured Banerjee’s funding is a remarkable brail printer that operates at avery low cost – of course he only has the one in production at the moment but with his funding, he wishes to push it out to the masses offering it at a very low price, much lower than existing products on the market.

The article compares Banerjee to the likes of funded teen entrepreneurs, Nick D’Aloisio, founder of Summly and brothers John and Patrick Collison for their payment service, Stripe. Both companies have been founded by nothing but teenagers with a passion for disrupting a marketplace.

Banerjee’s new business venture is aptly named Braigo. Why? Because his newly funded braille printer product uses the likes of high tech lego parts to form the machinery. A sum of money that has not yet been disclosed has only been reported to be in the hundreds of thousands to help the no 13 year-old expand upon his product. This is onto of the $35,000 his parents loaned him to start the business.

He is still in school. Reportedly achieving As and Bs in every subject, this kid has achieved a life times worth of work in just 12 years. Crack on!


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