US Startup Receives Monumental Funding

Remote GoatFresh off of Tech Crunch today comes a remarkable tale of a US startup receiving monumental funding. The Los Angeles based company, Scopely is a platform that was built for distributing and monetising mobile games. They previously went through a seed funding round and managed to secure a whopping $8.5 million back in 2012, but the most recent amount just trumps this figure by huge figures.

They progressed to a Series A funding round. First stage, off the mark and they secure $35 million. This is big! A startup that specialises in the publication of other games first and the development of their own games later. Co-founder and CEO Walter Driver, mentions that many of the top end studios creating the best in mobile gaming just do not have the facilities or tools to promote their product – and this is where they plan to come out on top.

Scopely’s games include Disco Bees, Dice With Buddies and Skee-Ball Arcade which recently made it’s way to the top of the iOS app charts in both the United States and Australia. We can expect big things from this intuitive company moving forward. They seemed to make their seed funding round last an impressive two years, showing off incredible capital efficiency that undoubtedly would work wonders for other startups in similar positions.

This is an incredible story that will only carry on growing and adapting as it progresses. Hats off to Scopely for successfully bagging a wonderful funding round, it’s very impressive. Definitely one to tell the grandkids some day!

Funding and investment is a crucial part in any startup situation. It can determine the lifespan of a business from inception through to multinational status. Of course there are other aspects that can help you out along the way; collateral, design, branding . They all act as crucial catalysts and should be treated as such.


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